Friday, March 6, 2009

OB Featured Business: Gaelic Imports

For over the last decade, Jim Henderson and his family have offered imported gifts and fare from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England in Old Brooklyn. Their store, Gaelic Imports, is located at 4882 Pearl Road near the former Corpus Christi school.

Henderson relocated with his family to the United States from Scotland at the age of ten, and sought to bring the flavor of his country to the United States. His Old Brooklyn shop particularly appeals to expats from across the pond, who he says make up sixty percent of his customer base.

A variety of delicious prepared foods is available daily, including meatpies, cornish pasties, bridies, sausage rolls, bakewell tarts, eccles cakes, empire biscuits, and shortbread. Gaelic Imports also offers fresh pork sausage links, beef sausage links, slice, black pudding, mealie pudding, and haggis.

One of the staples of Gaelic Imports is its imported chocolates and sweets. The store boasts Northeast Ohio's largest selection of European candies, including Nestle Aero Bars and Crunchies and Flakes, and special orders can be made if a particular product is not available onsite.

Additionally, clothing, jewelry, and novelty items are for sale. Henderson even measures men for kilts and has them made to order!

Gaelic Imports in open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm. For more information, including a list of products carried in the store, please call (216) 398-1548 or visit Gaelic Import's website here.


  1. Old Brooklyn and Brooklyn Centre are about to be sliced and diced:

  2. Here is the PD link
    You can thank Kevin Kelley for these machinations.

  3. If Old Brooklyn thinks that this will retain the "Ye Olde" and the "Scots/Irish" in OB. It's not gonna happen. It's time to find a way to embrace cultural differences and make our community come together. I am an Irish/Hungarian American...speaking here for a community that can and should embrace Dominican-Americans, African-Americans, Italian-Americans et al.

  4. Here's an idea--