Thursday, March 19, 2009

City Council Posts Final Proposed Ward Map

This afternoon, Cleveland City Council posted a map of the proposed wards going into 2010. What's bad for Old Brooklyn and Brooklyn Centre is that they're still divided amongst three and two wards, respectively. South Hills would be clumped into a district with Slavic Village. And OBCDC's service area would still be dissected into four political districts, which could potentially spell serious trouble for the agency.

Here's a related article from the Plain Dealer, and here's the press release from Cleveland City Council.


  1. I think that the final revenge for this predictable plot hatched by Sweeney and his minions, will be Cummins and Reed both regaining council seats and the elimination of Santiago and possibly Mitchell or Wilkes...expect Brancatelli to move to South Hills as soon as the districting is final, so that he can move his family out of the mess that he is partly responsible for in Slavic Village. Expect the detestable Kevin Kelley to be rewarded for his thuggery with some position that allows his family to move to Rocky River or Bay Village...It's all just a sick crap shoot, which will drive more middle class residents out of the city, kill more struggling neighborhoods, and contribute to the confused delivery and steep erosion of city services.

  2. Does that sound a little negative?