Sunday, October 18, 2009

Update on a Old Post

One post on Old Brooklyn Blogs has elicited more questions, comments, and excitement from friends and community members with whom I come into contact.

Surprisingly, that's "OB Favorite Watering Holes," which I posted on March 17 of this year.

Occasionally, people will ask if I'm continuing to pursue my goal of visiting every bar or pub in Old Brooklyn, whether I've been anywhere new, or if my list of favorites has changed.

Here's my response.

While I fully intend to continue stop into every establishment in the neighborhood at least once, I haven't been going out very often and when I do, I've become accustomed to patronizing familiar, comfortable places. For the most part, I've been to everything east of the center line of Pearl Road and north of I-480, with the exceptions of The Nickel and Paradise Inn (both lesbian bars that I have no opposition to visiting, but anticipate difficulty being allowed inside) and the Broadview Road sports bar on the fringe of Downtown Old Brooklyn.

One spot new to me that I've enjoyed is Mr. Peabody's Pub on Pearl Road just north of I-480. It's large, comfy, and a little gritty. What makes Peabody's unique from other Old Brooklyn bars is that it has regularly scheduled karaoke three nights a week. Singers and non-singers alike come to belt some tunes from a very exhaustive library every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening. It makes for a fun environment and sometimes draws huge crowds.

Steelyard Tavern, about which I wrote in the spring, remains towards the top of my list. However, in August, Steelyard began closing some Saturday nights for private parties until further notice. The sentiment is that no one knows when it will be open and many people decide not to risk going to find it be closed.

Maybe I'll post a few words on each of the establishments I've visited. In the meantime, where's your favorite OB watering hole?

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