Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Notes from OBCDC Annual Meeting

In case you missed it, here are some notes from OB Blogs on tonight's annual meeting. There were approximately thirty people in attendance at the Knights of Columbus hall. My comments, albeit there are not many, are in parenthesis.

Welcoming remarks and review of agenda - Greg Huth
Approval of Minutes from last year's annual meeting.

Treasurer's Report – TJ Lewarchick
Fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Audit just completed for previous fiscal year. Summary is available in the annual report in organizational documents online. Board meetings are on oldbrooklyn.com and open to public. Majority of funds from CDBG block grants, full breakdown is in annual report. The majority of expenses are for programs. KeyBank line of credit paid down substantially over the last twelve months. Paid for line of credit for TLCI study until funds were received.

Board Recommendations Regarding Code of Regulations – Greg Huth
(1) Change code to allow for more than one notification for annual meeting. Approved by membership. (2) The establishment of a green space and natural resources committee. Committee would make recommendations to the board. Language is on website. Board member John Jenkins requests insertion of “community” before word gardens. Questions from membership about powers of committee, GH says that it is appointed by board and is subordinate to it. Approved by membership. (3) A real estate development committee. Committee will make recommendations to the board. There are some items that would be necessary when presented a proposal for development. GH asks for some of the members should become involved in the committees discussed this evening. Motion to amend with word “written” (I missed exactly where). Approved by membership.

Proposed Board Members – Lynea Derwis
Introduction of 2008-2009 board members, beginning with institutional, then commercial, then residential. Introduction of Jeff Kipp, director of the Living in Cleveland Center and resident of South Hills. April Beates of Paran Management, has been marketing the neighborhood as a leasing agent of the Memphis Fulton shopping plaza. Theresa Martin, employee of KeyBank and resident of South Hills. Christina Seabold, resident and works for Cleveland Metroparks human resources. Jeff Rhodes, resident for six years and a high school technology arts teacher. The three residents, Martin, Seabold, and Rhodes, have been appointed in the last year and have been serving on the board already. At the end of meeting, it was announced that all candidates on ballot were elected to the board.

Councilman Remarks - Kevin Kelley
Unopposed for new Ward 13. Old Brooklyn had two CDCs when he was appointed and elected. The organization survived the consolidation and all of the questions that initially accompanied. Thought that one organization would be more efficient. OBCDC has emerged strongly. Was pleased with turnout of All Access and Brookstock, as well as movie nights. Plugs Fall-o-ween coming up soon. Completed TLCI study and master plan, both of which required a lot of time and input. We are in position to see results come into fruition. Within the next year, one of the projects from the plan will be implemented. (Which project could it be?)

Councilman Remarks - Brian Cummins
Thanks to board, staff, and volunteers. Happy to see level of engagement in the neighborhood. Redistricting elections are now underway. Cummins, Kelley, Cimperman (who was not in attendance), and Brancatelli (who was in attendance but did not speak) have great relationships, should not have a negative impact on future of organization. (Sounds like Cummins believes that the incumbents are shoe-ins, which seems like the case.) They will work together to get things done at city hall. The people are most important and their involvement will result in further progress.

Report on New Organizational Strategic Plan - Greg Huth
Six major areas on which the organization would like to focus. Big picture goals to achieve by 2012, they are on website along with the strategic plan.

Executive Director's Report – Robyn Sandys
Introduction of OBCDC and OBN staff. Served thousand people with programs. Over 170 block clubs. Over 800 code enforcement referrals and more than 200 housing repair referrals. Annual report is online. Master plan also online. Several areas identified for strategic investment. Org is seeking funds for engineering of downtown OB to Wildlife Way. New real estate program, bought a house on Tampa Avenue. Looking to rehab three to five houses this coming year. Example of home on Cecilia that was sided and improved, communicates community pride. Org will be putting info on Facebook to grow pride. OBN is more than 30 years old, goal to reach every household in Old Brooklyn, especially with Brooklyn Sun News discontinuing publication. If members can help sell advertisements, circulation can be expanded. BF Community Garden has won best of show at county fair and acknowledgment regionally. Fall event is this Saturday. All Access was a success, more than two hundred people participated. All Access planned to be bigger and better next year. Robyn will send presentation to members upon request because some of the photos were missing. (Not a whole lot of discussion about or reference to Brooklyn Centre by anyone. I cannot recall it being mentioned much if at all this evening.)

Closing Remarks – Greg Huth
Census is very important, one person not counted costs city $10,000 over ten years. (I missed the second point GH made.) Adjourn.

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