Friday, February 13, 2009

Other Resources for News on Old Brooklyn

Our goal at Old Brooklyn Blogs is to bring together news and information about the neighborhood and possibly expand in the near future (hint hint). But in the meantime, here's some online coverage on the community we love.

Old Brooklyn News

* Old Brooklyn News, a monthly publication of the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation (OBCDC), includes feature articles on neighborhood businesses, events, and plans, as well as a comprehensive listing of upcoming community meetings. My favorite part of the award-winning publication is Lori Peterson's Community Toolbox column, which highlights a particular homeownership or housing repair issue and programs available to residents. New issues are available in hundreds of places in and around the community about the first of each month, but the online version is not always posted in a timely manner. We'll try to post when we notice the latest has been uploaded. Archived issues dating back to January 2006 are available online.

Brooklyn Sun News
* The Brooklyn Sun News is a weekly newspaper focusing upon the cities of Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights in addition to Old Brooklyn. Limited news is available online, though. The trick is to use the links in the left-hand menu to access news, community life, and more. New content is usually posted on Thursdays.

Old Brooklyn on UrbanOhio
* UrbanOhio is an online message board with discussion of all things urban with participants who are optimistic and genuinely love cities. Though it isn't an official source of news, there oftentimes is great positive conversation about various aspects of the neighborhood from past and present residents and others. You must be a registered user to participate in the forums.

We'll cross-post articles that are fun, interesting, or informative. So don't worry about having to wade through these links on a regular basis. We have you covered right here!

Have a link to contribute? Add a comment below or send us an email!

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