Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Old Brooklyn Bicycle Group

Bicycling was such a hit at this year's Brooklyn Centre and Old Brooklyn All-Access event that a few of us community residents would like to have group rides on a more regular basis.

The thought is that residents, stakeholders, and others gathering to bicycle en masse could be something fun, healthy, and active to organize around, give the opportunity for like-minded individuals to interact, and put additional eyes and ears on the street both in Old Brooklyn and beyond. Initial response has been great, and we're moving forward to do our part to make this vision a reality.

So we'll plan for the Old Brooklyn inaugural ride for next Wednesday, August 5, departing at 7pm. Let's meet at the southwest corner of Memphis and Pearl in front of CVS. For our first ride, we'll do some riding within the neighborhood at a pace of about ten to twelve miles an hour. We can also plan to discuss the frequency that everyone would like to get together, as well as future destinations and routes throughout the city that we can collectively explore.

Please email me at if you'd like to continue the dialogue around an OB bicycle group and/or would like to join us for a ride next Wednesday. And of course, feel free to pass this information along to friends and neighbors.

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