Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tour Old Brooklyn's Big Creek Valley

Join the Friends of Big Creek on Saturday, May 16 from 11am to 1pm for a tour of the Lower Big Creek. The tour will allow participants to discover the watershed's confluence at the Cuyahoga River and learn about future plans for recreation and ecological restoration.

This event is free, and lunch will be provided. Persons interested in taking part in the event should meet at Zeleznik's, 4002 Jennings Road.

For more information, please visit the Friends of Big Creek website or contact Bob Gardin at (216) 269-6472 or


  1. Jeff--where is this picture taken? Confluence of the east and west branches of Big Creek?

  2. BBC, I took that photo on the Towpath one morning last year. It's actually near the two bridges that Cuyahoga County had installed a few years ago. There's a park directly across the street from it, though I can't remember the name nor what municipality oversees it.

  3. Bacci Park--Cuyahoga Falls
    Okay--I get it...we could get a similar connector. Sweet.